Original Madhubani Artwork with Silver-plated Missive Case


Madhubani has been a part of the storytelling fabric of India for over  2500 years. Indigenous to the Mithila  region of Bihar in India, the stunning  art was rediscovered in the earthquake  of   1934  by   British  Officer William.

G.  Archer who found them  strangely reminiscent to the artworks of Miro  and Picasso. Traditionally done by women, each piece of art reflects the region’s rich visual culture – myths and legends, the sun and moon, nature, and daily life.

Each individual piece is made on a  handmade khadi paper treated using  Neem & Tulsi (holy basil) using dyes  that have been derived entirely out  of natural ingredients like turmeric,  kusam flowers, indigo, powdered rice,  red sandalwood and lampblack.The  special natural treatment gives the  artwork its distictive stain and makes  it immune to silver fish termites. Our artwork has been sourced directly
from a national award-winning artisan family led by a dynamic and fiercely independent matriarch.

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