Silver-plated Trinket Box with Luxury Soy Candle

This silver-plated trinket box will help you store all your valuable ornaments and accessories in an  elegant way. The intricate repousse work on each surface makes this box a charming keepsake.

Embellished with intricate & elaborate motifs, the box comes with a luxury velvet lining.

The Luxury Candle is made with pure Soy Wax and the best natural ingredients. Soy Wax not only  gives a cleaner burn but is also known to burn a lot longer than paraffin. It is a non-toxic, natural  and renewable resource which is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Made in an exquisite fragrance,  each candle is handpoured into containers handcrafted in brass.

Both the pieces come packed along with a Story card in a lovely gift box.


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