Bejewelled Marble Elephant


This stunning Bejewelled Elephant is hand-carved and hand-painted in Agra (UP) using traditional Meenakari (enamel painting) and Kundan (gem setting in gold foil) techniques. Hand-painting on marble is an age-old craft, a delicate process that involves intricately painting motifs by hand on the surface, each artwork reflecting the characteristics of the painter. Small coloured stones are then delicately applied onto the marble. Carved out of a single piece of marble, this Elephant figurine features expert craftsmanship by the artisans of Agra.

In the Indian culture, for centuries Elephants have been regarded as sacred symbols of peace, mental strength and power. They represent good fortune, prosperity and are known as the removers of obstacles. Not only is it a beautiful decor piece, an elephant with its “trunk up” is said to bring good luck and abundance to your home.

Note – comes in assorted colours & patterns.


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