Phulkari Gift Box


The term Phulkari means ‘floral work’. This handmade folk embroidery of Punjab, comes in various florals, geometrical patterns and shapes. It is bright, vibrant and also brings colour to people’s lives, as it celebrates and supports women. In ancient times in Punjab, as soon as a girl was born in a family, the mothers and grandmothers would start embroidering Phulkari on clothes and so on. This was because, the girl child was celebrated the creator, for forthcoming generations. Ever since, the olden days, this vintage craft has been passed down, generation to generation.

Today, this art form is not only popular in the domestic textile industry, but it also enjoys a fair share of attention, globally. The Phulkari embroidery is done by making a darn stitch on the wrong side of a coarse cotton cloth known as ‘khaddar’, with a coloured silken thread. This beautiful thread embroidery thus, is a work of heritage, that adds hugely, to the incredibility of India!

* The Phulkari Scarves & Papier Mache boxes come in an assortment of different colors & designs


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