The Abundance Box


In the Indian culture, for centuries Elephants represent good fortune, prosperity and are known as the removers of obstacles. Not only is it a beautiful decor piece, an elephant with its “trunk up” is said to bring good luck and abundance to your space. This stunning elephant is handcrafted in pure brass and makes for the perfect desk accessory to keep you organised.

Gemstone trees have been traditionally used in homes to attract love, health, wealth and prosperity. The Aventurine Gemstone tree brings financial success to the business. The aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity. Stone of chance or luck, it reinforces one’s decision making abilities.

Entirely crafted out of brass, this Ashoka Pillar artefact is ornately carved and has engravings on its surface. It is believed that having an Ashoka Pillar on your work desk is considered a symbol of good luck and success. This piece is unique and a collector’s delight in itself.


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